[PSV] VPKManager 0.42 is released!

It is a tool that can help to manager your .vpk files, enjoy!
2016/09/27: Be sure that you are using the right database because the English database and Chinese one are sepsrate.
2016/09/27: The new built version requires you guys to join the world for sharing game infos and savedata. Hence, I provide a temporary admin account which will allow you to modify the online database. Furthermore, if you are willing to do this, pls email me (hzxswxm@gmail.com, it is better to sent me some screenshots for the games you have to prove yourself), then i can share you the real admin account (the long lasting one)!

Version 0.42 (2016/09/26)
1. Fixed the bug that some mini install package cannot install correctly
2. Other improvements (code)

Version 0.41
1. Fixed a bug when calculating the checksum for DLC
2. Fixed a bug when uploading savedata (disable choosing file function when uploading)
3. Fixed a bug for the searchBox (disable when syn)

Version 0.40
1. Added support for Syn with Cloud!
2. Added support for Sharing & Downloading Savedata directly!
3. Added support for more game detials
4. Added support for searching games
5. Added support for choosing language
6. Added support for renameing *.lnk files
7. Added support for remebering the size of windows
8. Fixed some translation bugs
9. Fixed the notification when chooing game path
10. Fixed some bugs when renaming files
11. Lots of improvements
Notice: I have limited the online syn frequency to once per week if you are not using an admin account. The purpose is to protect the weak server. However, thare are alternative ways to force to do online syn, such as delete the native database (VPKManager.en-US.xml or VPKManger.zh-CN.xml).
MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT keep doing online syn by this trick on purpose!

Version 0.32
1. Added savedate id to ‘Comment’ (Thank donghui2199)
2. Fixed a translantion bug

Version 0.31
1. Fixed a important bug for extracting games
2. Fixed some translantion and other things

Version 0.30
1. Fixed Chinese support
2. Support extracting files with updates or fullgames
3. Fixed several bugs

Version 0.21
1. Fixed a bug of renaming files

Version 0.2
1. Extract games to PSP savedata folder
2. Delete and rename games
3. Lots of improves

Version: 0.1
1. View .vpk and .zip files
2. Open files and file locations.




Download: VPKManger.zip

[Xperia Z2 / D6503]Marshmallow_Stock_575_ROM_Ultraslim (Full deodxed)

Hi,bros, i have created a MM_ROM which is fully deodexed and ultra slim, hope you will enjoy.

Based on D6503_23.5.A.575_R4D_Customized_AU, and for D6503 devices only.
For both locked & unlocked devices (unlocked devices maight have to flash a additional package to restore DRM keys).

– Full deodexed & Ultra slim
– Rooted with SuperSU
– Disabled signature verification
– Replaced with Xperia X Themes
– Replaced with Xperia X Bootanimation
– Replaced with Xperia X ImageEnhancer
– Replaced with Xperia X Wallpapers
– Added AudioRecorder
– Modified Xperia Home
– Fixed usb configuration in Settings
– Adjusted lowest Brightness level to 4
– Unlocked Camera (20MP, new focus mode, etc.)
– Updated some apps (e.g: Music, Video, Album, etc.)

Simplified List:
– AnonymousData
– FaceLock
– Google Apps (except Play Store)
– Input Methods (except English)
– Live Wallpapers
– MirrorLink
– SonyEntrance
– PS4 Wireless Controller
– Some widgets & plugins
– Smallapps (except Touchblock)
– Sony UpdateCenter
– SimpleHome
– SynHub
– Useless Camera plugins
– Tasks, etc.

1. Boot into recovery mode
2. Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache & flash this ROM
3. Flash other packages (e.g.: recovery, xposed) if you want

– ROM (no Recovery): Z2_MM_23.5.A.570_ULTRASLIM.zip
(MD5: 9b86938d9fa0152b0de2f2cb33cac301)
– NEW ROM (with Recovery): Z2_MM_23.5.A.570_ULTRASLIM_NEW.zip (MD5: 11cde24b1494175bf4a5d33239702b2a)
– System_Dump_Deodexed (it is not a flashable package): Z2_MM_system_570_deodexed.zip (MD5: 0b0e1d5435c98df6b9b9309341a55c6e)
– 575 ROM (with Recovery): Z2_MM_23.5.A.575_ULTRASLIM.zip (MD5: 993b8318085034defc48bff6b1414b53)
@IgorEisberg for the XperiFirm
@Ben Ling & machao44 for the Xperia X themes&bootanimation
@Laercio_lalau for the root files
@serajr for the Recovery