[12864/SSD1306] Video Player

It is a python script for playing videos on 12864 over SPI sockets, and you can download all the files from GitHub.



Setting Up
Configure your 128464 by following this tutorial

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo apt-get install python-pygame
sudo pip install opencv-python
# Ports used for the Display. You may have to change them to yours
RST = 25
DC = 24

How to Use

# sudo python player.py file_path
# Play BadApple.zip
sudo python player.py BadApple.zip

Convert a video
I provided a m file for matlab for converting videos while you can also convert any videos with opencv

[MyIoT] A start with personal server for home automation

What is myIoT:
1. myIoT is a solution for home automation, it can be implemented on your Raspberry Pi. And it theoretically can enable you to control devices (include other embedded devices connected to the server) and acquire info of these devices.
2. It is currently based on python (sever part) and Android (Client)
3. It can process HTTPS and Socketio requests.

Github link: https://github.com/xswxm/MyIoT

It currently can handle HTTPS and Socketio requests, UDP could be patched to it later so we can do some fancy things like having audio or video conversations, just blow you image and it can control everything.