[Xperia Z2 / D6503]Marshmallow_Stock_575_ROM_Ultraslim (Full deodxed)

Hi,bros, i have created a MM_ROM which is fully deodexed and ultra slim, hope you will enjoy.

Based on D6503_23.5.A.575_R4D_Customized_AU, and for D6503 devices only.
For both locked & unlocked devices (unlocked devices maight have to flash a additional package to restore DRM keys).

– Full deodexed & Ultra slim
– Rooted with SuperSU
– Disabled signature verification
– Replaced with Xperia X Themes
– Replaced with Xperia X Bootanimation
– Replaced with Xperia X ImageEnhancer
– Replaced with Xperia X Wallpapers
– Added AudioRecorder
– Modified Xperia Home
– Fixed usb configuration in Settings
– Adjusted lowest Brightness level to 4
– Unlocked Camera (20MP, new focus mode, etc.)
– Updated some apps (e.g: Music, Video, Album, etc.)

Simplified List:
– AnonymousData
– FaceLock
– Google Apps (except Play Store)
– Input Methods (except English)
– Live Wallpapers
– MirrorLink
– SonyEntrance
– PS4 Wireless Controller
– Some widgets & plugins
– Smallapps (except Touchblock)
– Sony UpdateCenter
– SimpleHome
– SynHub
– Useless Camera plugins
– Tasks, etc.

1. Boot into recovery mode
2. Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache & flash this ROM
3. Flash other packages (e.g.: recovery, xposed) if you want

– ROM (no Recovery): Z2_MM_23.5.A.570_ULTRASLIM.zip
(MD5: 9b86938d9fa0152b0de2f2cb33cac301)
– NEW ROM (with Recovery): Z2_MM_23.5.A.570_ULTRASLIM_NEW.zip (MD5: 11cde24b1494175bf4a5d33239702b2a)
– System_Dump_Deodexed (it is not a flashable package): Z2_MM_system_570_deodexed.zip (MD5: 0b0e1d5435c98df6b9b9309341a55c6e)
– 575 ROM (with Recovery): Z2_MM_23.5.A.575_ULTRASLIM.zip (MD5: 993b8318085034defc48bff6b1414b53)
@IgorEisberg for the XperiFirm
@Ben Ling & machao44 for the Xperia X themes&bootanimation
@Laercio_lalau for the root files
@serajr for the Recovery

[MOD] Z2_MM_486_Beta_Settings_Bug_Fixed

The MM beta ROM have just been released several days ago, while since it’s a beta, i have already met several bugs, such wifi issues. here is a another bug in Settings.apk: if you open Settings, and navigate to Developer options, tap Select USB Configuration, the list you see it’s partly wrong, it has two MIDI options and other mistkakes.
Hence, I modified the Settings.apk and the correctness includes all languages!


Installation: manually rename the file to ‘Settings.apk’ and replace the one in ‘/root/system/priv-app/Settings/’ (644 permission).

Download (odexed or deodexed sytem): Settings.apk

[TOOL]a simple script to move .odex files (for Z2/Z3 beta_MM_ROM)

In the MM_beta system.img, sony adopts symlinks for .odex files ranther than real .odex files, so moving every .odex file to its right place is a boring job. thus, i wrote a simple script which will help u to move these stupid .odex files.
PS: it’s a .bat file, so pls run it in windows

@echo off
set outloc=D:\Z2_MM\system\app\
set loc=\oat\arm\
For /r %%i in (*.odex) DO (
echo %%~ni
copy "%%i" %outloc%%%~ni%loc%

Steps (example: moving .odex files to ***\system\app\):
1. put the ‘copy.bat’ in the ‘***\arm\’ folder with lots of .odex files which we have just generated
2. edit it with any textediter and change the ‘inloc’ value to your ‘***\system\app\’ location (do not forget the “” in the end)
3. run it (no worries if you run it twice by mistake).

for ‘***\system\priv-app\’ floder, just do the simliar steps again
for ‘***\system\framework\’ floder, just copy manaully (do care the ‘SemcGenericUxpRes.odex’).