moetime is a voice timekeeping software. It’s able to use English (U.S.), Chinese (Mandarin) or Japanese (Hatsune) to broadcast time, while it has a wealth of settings, such as voice, time interval, backgroundand, and so on. The system comes with English (U.S.), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese States to meet the user needs. Additional applications only stopwatch, I believe it will continue to expand in the future.
Note: Due to system limitations, the program can not run in the background, hope for your understanding.

1.2.1 update:

• Fix two bugs
• Zune($0.99):moetime
• Zune(Free):moetime free(Please Wait)
• Xap Download:moetime.xap

 1.2.0 update:

• System: Metro UI / background customization / support running under the lock screen …
• Time format: 24-hour / 12-hour clock
• timekeeping interval: off / 1/15/30 minutes / 1 hour
• Language support: English (U.S.) / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional) / Japanese
• Voice support: English (U.S.) / Chinese (Mandarin) / Japanese (Hatsune)



萌时间 是一款语音报时软件,能够使用英语(美国)、中文(普通话)、日语(初音未来)等三种语音报时,同时它拥有丰富的设置,如报时语音、报时间隔、自定义背景等等。系统自带英语(美国)、中文(简体)、中文(繁体)、日语等四种语言也能满足各国用户需求。目前附加应用有计时器,相信日后会不断扩充。

1.2.1 更新:

• 修复两个Bugs
• Zune($0.99):萌时间
• Zune(免费):萌时间(请等待)
• Xap 下载:moetime.xap


• 系统:Metro UI/背景定制/支持锁屏下运行……
• 时间制式:24小时制/12小时制
• 报时间隔:关闭/1分/15分/30分/1小时
• 语言支持:英语(美国)/中文(简体)/中文(繁体)/日语
• 语音支持:英语(美国)/中文(普通话)/日语(初音未来)

Screenshot / 截图:


The primary text of the application is in Japanese. An simple application to learn Japanese syllabary.

v1.5.0 Update

  • Upgrate the quilty of vioce.
  • 提高声音质量。
  • zune: WP7.1&WP8
  • xap下载:WP7.1  WP8

v1.4.0 Update

  • Update Japanese 50-tone.
  • Use higher quality pictures.
  • Better support for Windows Phone 8.
  • 更新日语50音图。
  • 使用更高质量的图片。
  • 更好的支持Windows Phone 8。

v1.3 Update

  • Support English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
  • Add Simplified Chinese translation to explanation (can be closed)
  • Adjust the UI, add special effects, etc.
  • 支持英语/简体中文/繁体中文切换
  • 添加简体中文词条解释(可关闭)
  • 调整UI、加入特效等等

v1.2 Update

  • fix two bugs, and now you can tap the words.
  • 修复两个错误,并且能够点击单词了。